Words from my Father

Lifestyle, Personal

My father and I always like to exchange some few thoughts, arguments, and advice now and then, may it be about life, responsibilities or men, which makes me love going home to the province every weekend. It is when we go for a walk or go for a run during the mornings or the afternoons and maybe when we are just relaxing at home that he shares with me his thoughts and just about anything that strucks his mind.

BDJ Launch Weekend 2017


My sister and I attended the Belle de Jour Launch Weekend last October 21 and 22 at Shangri-la Mall and it was a really great experience. There were a lot of fun activities, great booths and free loots! After 3 consecutive years of purchasing my Belle De Jour Power Planner, this will be my first time on attending this event since I have missed attending the Launch event held at MoA last year.

2016 Highlight: Pinto Art Museum Visit


A first for 2016.

The long-weekend was coming up but I was not sure enough on how I’m going to spend it because I’m not used to having fun since I have started work in Manila. Honestly, I turned into some workaholic robot in 2016 and did not know how to let loose for quite a while. Which explains the being MIA for almost throughout the year.

Gladly, my sister offered me that we go see an art museum; I loved the idea and immediately said yes.