2018 Highlight: 24K Magic World Tour Concert in Manila!

Somebody call NASA! Mars has just landed in Manila!

Life opened a way to my everlasting happiness last 2017. There were news that Bruno Mars was coming back to Manila, Philippines to do a two-day concert for his 24K Magic World Tour! Isn’t that amazing?! There was finally a chance to see Bruno Mars even from afar and hear him LIVE!

Sad thing was, I never got the chance to buy a ticket to the concert like a normal fan girl did. I had to scour the social media world just to buy a ticket, now this was a real problem since there were so many scalpers(demons of the concert world) on the net that were offering tickets for a double price even triple price! Don’t get me started on SM ticket site too since I had a pretty rough time also getting a ticket for the first and second day of the concert. LOL.

It was a good thing that I had met someone from the Facebook group that was selling his Upperbox ticket for a reasonable price considering that the view from the Upperbox was not that great, BUT I had an upgrade though, just near to what seat I got but had a closer view of the stage, since there was this guy looking for ticket I had bought because it was the seat next to his girlfriend. Talk about luck right? haha!


One bravest thing that I did that day was going to the concert alone this time! The last concert I have attended was LANY’s world tour concert at the Araneta Coliseum and I was with Christopher. Too bad there was not enough time to search for an additional ticket since there were slim chances that we’ll be next to each other during the concert.

Anyway, the concert was soooooooo exhilirating given that Bruno Mars aka Peter Gene Hernandez really does put the best show out there! He has those sweet moves that makes me feel butterflies in my stomach. I kept hearing his voice for two months straight because I hardly moved on after the concert pretty much. LOL! I definitely sung my heart out and danced the night away because that was what Bruno wished to see from the concert goers.

I’ll definitely won’t forget that night ever. I finally heard the one man I have been longing for to hear and see live for the last 8 years. Bruno and the Hooligans have exceeded my expectations and even some Hoolies were so ready to hype you up even though I have just met them during the concert, especially those who were selling banners and other merch, which is now currently hanging above my bed at the condo unit.

This is it for now loves. See you again on my next concert adventure, next year maybe? haha!

Last selfie for the day
Tired but happy from the concert



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