Life Lately: Feeling blue


Ever had a day where everything suddenly becomes so uninteresting? Well, a week like this where the weather has become gloomy makes it like that for me.

Don’t get me wrong here, I absolutely love the cold weather this time of year, but there is this constant feeling when our house has been very quiet. It makes me want to curl up into a ball and just ignore everything; when it became like that, everything that surrounds me is blurred out and what only mattered are all the feelings that I had covered up from the past days, weeks or even months.

It’s hard, really hard for the past three months; pretending to be strong and not feel an ounce of exhaustion is very difficult. The one reason may be that we would be spending Christmas with just us siblings, while our mom and dad are in Germany hoping for the best for dad’s recovery. The other one would be the amount of pressure I have at work,  I don’t know, I just cannot feel happy at work knowing that everything is not at good terms.

I don’t mean to be this sappy on my post, but let me just share to you how wondrous it felt when I bawled my eyes out this morning.

I realized that no matter how you plan out your whole day, week, month or year there will always be that surprise that will either punch you in the face or tickle your feet. It all comes down on how you react on that situation and I may say that I’m doing so poorly on that category and trying so hard to get back up like what I did last year.

Hopefully, I’d be able to bounce back again before this year ends. I’m doing that free online course where I’d get to reset everything again to make the best out of my remaining days or weeks before the New Year hits.

Thank you for reading through my bluest post yet. I promise that I’ll update the blog with this year’s highlight this week.

Til’ the next post loves.



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