2018 Highlight: Zambales Vacation

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Bring it on, Summer!

I know this is a bit too late for me to post about our little summer trip last May at Liwliwa,Zambales but I’ll be posting this anyway since this was literally the best one yet.

The trip was planned by Allan, my cousin’s boyfriend, who had been at Zambales before and have been hyping us up with the place’s wonder. I have to agree with Allan, the place was magical because of its simplicity and disconnection from the noise of the bustling city.

Zambales Crew

Excited to travel to Zambales 🙂

We DIYed the travel ourselves, which was another first for me since I haven’t taken a bus all the way to the northern part of Luzon to be honest. haha! It may either be a package tour, travelling by our own vehicle or renting a van. Anyway, it was really rewarding after travelling for about 6 to 8 hours on the road once we got to the resort we booked.

For getting there, we rode a Victory Liner bus from Cubao going to Olongapo around 12midnight as far as I have remembered. After reaching Olongapo, we snuck some time for breakfast first before grabbing a bus ride going to the town of San Felipe. Then we took a tricycle going to the resort that we had arranged for us to stay in. We originally had planned to stay at the Kapitan’s Liw-liwa resort but have failed to book us some rooms since there was a slight misunderstanding between us cousins because of the never ending conflict of schedules. #adultLife

Good day ahead

We settled on a resort nearest to the beach and also near Kapitan’s Liw-liwa resort because the former serves really really great food. I got to tell you, it was surreal having to witness the sunset at the resort we had picked (too bad though since I cannot remember the name of the resort we stayed at*cringe*)

Sunset in Zambales

Beautiful sunset to end the day

Sunset touch

This is why I want to grow old somewhere near a beach and watch sunsets.

Once we arrived at the resort I couldn’t keep myself from changing to my swimwear since I have not been to a beach for toooooo long. haha! I kind of got excited going into the water and not give a damn of getting my skin burnt but with a lot of sunblock though since the skin isn’t getting any younger right? LOL. The water was so inviting and the heat was just right.

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The trip was just the right kind to unwind from work and all the noise of the city and I bonded more with my cousins.

I’d give anything just to have more days like this.

See you on another adventure post, loves.



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