Life Lately: New project, Weddings, and my 2018 Theme


Happy New Year Loves!

I hope you have settled in and aligned your goals for the year this January. As you may have remembered, my last post was about the 17 things I will be leaving behind 2017. I am pleased to update you all that life has been a bit better and lighter for the past few weeks of the year.

The month of January has past by with a breeze and I have not been active in the online world much because I am still focusing on balancing work and life responsibilities.

Just wanted to share a few things of what my life has been lately…

  • Celebrated the New Year with the family complete again since our dad had a chance to be on vacation til the second week of January!
  • I have been deployed to a new project this year, and I’m liking the new environment since I am able to sustain a work-life balance even though we have a really tight schedule and target. I still do overtime at work but not like the deadly overtime that I have been doing in the past(I really learned the hard way. Hehe)
  • Been juggling my adult responsibilities for the past few months now and I’m getting around smoothly with the budgeting and expenses.
  • Greatest accomplishment this month would be that I am now able to cook and eat on time at home and at work which I struggled with for the past 2 or 3 years. Hehe. Dining out and take outs are a thing of the past for me lately and hoping it would be.
  • Attended Christopher’s cousin’s wedding, had a great time celebrating it with his family and also got some questions coming our way on when we are getting married (talk about the pressure though, haha!) but still had fun since I was able to spend the night at my boyfriend’s home with his family the day before his cousin’s wedding.
  • Discovered a new self-service laundry near our condo which I’m really into right now. The place has free wifi and has a supermarket and delicious food stalls nearby.
  • I’ve enrolled again on the Braver Goals online course hosted by Arriane Serafico. I struggled to answer the workbook at first since the answers must come from my honest self, no filters or anything and after that I’ve become more self-aware now on how I wanted my year to be like and how I’ll be working on my goals. You may check out the course if you want, it really helps on how to align your goals this year or how you can turn them into actionable ones.
  • I am still currently brainstorming on what contents to share on the blog besides personal ones. If you guys want to see other posts on the blog, you may comment them down to let me know what you want to see in the blog. Places to go, beauty hauls, or product review posts, maybe?

This month has been good and I hope it has been good with you too. I am really excited on what’s to come for this year.

Here’s to having a good start for 2018.



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