17 Things to Leave Behind in 2017

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It’s almost the end of the year and here I am, sitting in the dark, typing away with no remorse for those who are now sound asleep, and still reflecting on what kind of year it has been. There were so many things that had happened that I am very thankful for and the instances that I hope to learn and grow from.

For the coming New Year, I have listed 17 things to leave behind in order to have a productive and joyous 2018. I hope that by letting them go would put a lighter weight on my shoulders and I also hope that you could have some take-away with it too.

Big expectations.

This coming end of the year, I’ll learn to let go of big expectations. Not everything goes into plan and I have encountered this a lot this year, and you have probably encountered it too. No matter how much you have prepared for something, you’ll always be greeted with something unexpected. Never be too saddened if the outcome did not go your way, it always have a reason why it was not given to you.

Feeling of discontentment

It may be easy to say, but this has to be the hardest one on my list. I have grown up being competitive and have always compared myself with other people’s success which made me feel unsatisfied with whatever I have done for the day or even the whole year. By the end of this year, I will learn to let go of discontentment in my heart and not compare myself to others.

Regrets from missed opportunities

There were so many opportunities that I never took and they still hunt me before I sleep. Should I just have taken them then would I be happier now? This coming year will be a year of YES with a purpose. I’ll start small and build it up from there.

Unattainable goals

It is certain that we set this specific New Year Resolutions at every start of the year. This year, I will learn to let go of these unattainable goals and set new goals with a purpose.


This year, I have still let my laziness get over me; I may have revamped my blog but I was still inconsistent on my goal and purpose of having to revive it. I will learn to not let procrastination get over me, and will try to plan more carefully.

Self-hate, Self-doubt & Pessimism

I have never been comfortable of myself for all my life, since I have grown up with an environment that had adults telling me that I was too skinny, or too fat or just not smart enough. To be honest, I was not a straight-A student back in the days, nor do I have a body that could pass up to the standards of society today, which probably is the reason why I sometimes hate myself for it. I hope I could really stick up with this really, because I have set my goal this coming year to be more confident to what I am today and what I will be in the future. This year, I will leave all these self-hate, self-doubt and pessimism behind and make way for confidence and self-love.

Life toxicity and prejudice

Drama, what is life without drama, right? This year, I will be leaving behind all the people, circumstances, and place that had brought toxicity in my life this year. I will let go of all the negativity that had transpired and not prejudge someone by their first impressions.

Being too kind

I have always been mindful of everything I do. There is no instance that I will not say NO to anyone that needed my help, may it be someone I deeply hate or someone who doesn’t really need any help and was just lazy. My friends often tell me that I am too soft that people look at my kindness as some weakness that I carry all the time. This year, I will leave behind just a little bit of kindness and try to reserve more kindness for myself.

Fear of change

Change is constant and will sometimes make you uncomfortable. I have always been afraid of change, may it be a change of environment at work, or new set of teammates. This year, I want to let go of the fear and openly embrace change.

Unrealistic portrayal of life

Social media has got to be the most pretentious platform that all of us have been in, right? My not so perfect life has been hidden behind the pictures I often post in Instagram or Facebook. But through this blog, I’ll let myself be vulnerable and be open to you all. I will not shy away anymore, and just let you see a glimpse of what happens in my life.

Fear of judgement and rejection

I have this tendency to be anxious in a crowd where I always think that they are secretly judging me for the way I look. With this thinking I always think that every time I will approach someone, they will reject. For the end of the year, I will let go of my fear of judgement and rejection.


From the moment I have stepped foot into adulthood, I have already cried buckets of tears, may it be from failure, stress from work, or just the overwhelming circumstances in life. I know it won’t be an easy battle but I will let go of all the tears and try to find the light in the darkest times that life may throw at me.


Mistakes are what makes us human. I will leave them behind this year and will make them as my stepping stones to make me grow as a more mature person.

For whatever life takes me this coming 2018, these will be the things that I will leave behind in 2017. I will welcome 2018 with a clean slate, a refreshed mind and body. As what I have been keeping to heart, Let Life Surprise You.

A Very Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year to you all Lovelies!



How about you? What are you leaving behind this 2017? Comment them down below.

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