Time to Glow Up! | November Haul

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Given it is the time of the year where people get to have their bonuses pay, *ehem, 13th month pay, ehem* there is that feeling where everybody needs to buy everything they see whatever is in front of them. Well not everybody of course, but you get what I mean.

Translation: Me: I won’t go to the mall so I wouldn’t be tempted to buy anything Also Me: There’s an ongoing sale at Lazada!

People may restrict themselves on buying unnecessary things and stay on a strict budget, but sometimes they give in to temptations, whom like me, gave in to the long list of products that were on sale. I made a promise that I’ll follow a strict budget until I get the hang of budgeting around my new list of expenses(I recently moved in to a new place,) but I came across a special gift set being offered by Beauty Mnl and I-JUST-HAD-TO-TRY-IT. Haha!

The Time to Glow Up Gift Set caught my eye while browsing the internet, fighting off boredom before going to sleep one night. When I saw the products included in the gift set, I just had to click the Add to Cart button, since I liked the idea of pampering myself after a year’s worth of stress(haha!) and the price of the collection was good.

Beauty Mnl’s packaging is so cute ❤

This gift set is part of a holiday promo at Beauty Mnl and it is a great steal to gift it to any beauty junkie friend you know or maybe a gift for yourself, since the price is just Php599 where the real total price of the products included in the box is estimated around Php800.

Another bonus was the site is offering free shipping fee starting this November ’til end of December, more reasons to give in to the madness sale season right? 😉 Haha!

I ordered the package a night before and it arrived around lunch time the next day, talk about the dedication of bringing quality service to customers, hats off to Beauty Mnl team ♡.

So enough of the blabbering, I know you want to see what I got during my quest to destress. 😉

*Minion voice* Tadaaaaaaaa!

The cute yellow box contained two face masks, a face mist, Aloe Vera soothing gel, and Apple Cider Vinegar soap, which are from different brands offered from the site.

Face masks from Esfolio, 100% Aloe Vera Gel also from Esfolio, Face mist from The Beauty Bakery and Apple Cider Vinegar soap from Skin Genie.

The gift set is literally a starter kit to get that current dull skin glowing!

I tried the products since the week it arrived and I had no regrets on buying the gift set. My face did not break out and my skin feels supple with all the moisture it got from the products.

The Honey Essence Mask Sheet was a treat! It made my skin feeling soft and supple after 20 minutes on my face. I have yet to try the Snail Essence mask. 😊

Face masks hack: Don’t throw the packet out yet once you have put the mask on your face. You can use the remaining serum from the mask to apply on your neck to give it the extra care it needs. ☺

I guess I’ll be joining the rest of the people who swore on using face mist as a refreshment for the face. This mist really surprised me since I don’t usually use one and I’m afraid to have that sticky feeling after spraying something on the face, (you know what I mean? #oilyFaceProbs) but it gets rid of that oily feeling you get by the time the day hits mid-afternoon. I love storing it on the fridge sometimes so when I get back from some errand and it was hot out, I’d spray a little bit and get that cooling feel.

I have yet to try out this apple cider vinegar soap but I’m assuming that this will be great on the skin based on the reviews and also it has a sweet scent!

The aloe vera gel craze bug has got me loving this product too. It isn’t too heavy on the face when applying. I also love to refrigerate this just to give my skin some love after a long hard day.

I also purchased some additional items other than the gift set. 

My feet has been getting a bit dry lately so I purchased this hand & foot salve to give my pair some love. I liked the Eucalyptus scent of this moisturizer, just perfect for a night of relaxation.

I was curious on these products by Skin Genie since this had a lot of good reviews. I must say the scrub gives my under arm that smooth feel and really takes away the residues from the deo that I use. For the whitening cream, it is a good product since I am seeing results where my underarm is now a bit lighter from all that shaving and use of deodorant. Given that I have now used these products for two weeks now. ☺

I’m really a fan of masks, which is why I purchased this clay mask by Beauty Bakery. After using this product I noticed that my face is more clear and my pores tighter! You can use this either during bath time or after you’ve taken off your makeup for the day.

There were no regrets for purchasing these items since the products are ample enough which can last me the whole year I suppose. Haha!

I enjoyed doing a review for each product and I hope you liked it too. ☺

See you soon on my next post!




Ps. Do you know any good product that you want me to do a review? Comment it down below. ☺

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