Life Lately: Things I Learned After Moving to a New Place

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This was a big step for me, because after almost three years living in a boarding house where I only have a wake up, go to work and sleep cycle, my sister and I decided to rent a bigger place, maybe an apartment or a condo unit, to allow us a comfortable living space where we can cook, have our own bathroom and a place where we don’t feel all crammed up. So last October, we found and moved in a condo unit. 

From all the shenanigans we have done on moving from one place to another last month gave me some insights on being an adult and here are some of it.

Living in a Condo unit/apartment equates to having a BIG salary to compensate the expenses

The thought has dreaded us and we have always dodged for almost a year before deciding that we should definitely move out. BUT after searching through the internet and advertisements, we found the ONE that shattered that thought.

I found a unit online that was fully furnished and was offered to us with a reasonable rental amount(which was reaaaalllly reasonable.) Our parents helped us out first on the deposit that we needed to pay just to secure the unit back then(which we are also paying now and not taking our parents for granted, by the way.) So needless to say, you just have to be fully alert and know your resources to find the right place that won’t blow your wallet to bits.

Live within your means and BUDGET your expenses wisely.

I’ve lived by this rule for four years now.

I have learned this after receiving my very first paycheck during my part-time work as a sales agent/customer service personnel at a telecom company. I have discovered that time that earning some decent moolah was way more serious and spending on needs is mostly necessary than spending on your wants.

Don’t be afraid to test new waters.

I basically moved out of my shell and literally resigned from part-time work when I realized that I needed to be more independent back then, which means not having to rely on my parents for added allowance besides my pay for the month. It led me to applying for that dream job here in Manila and still very thankful I made that decision.

With the moving out of the boarding house, the experience somehow taught me more on how to be more mature and responsible since I have not experienced paying for other expenses like the utilities expense for the house or solely having to transact with people regarding renting a house or even coming out with a plan on how to move out.

Never forget to be grateful.

The couple months may have been like a roller coaster ride but I feel grateful and definitely fulfilled that I have achieved another milestone on adulthood.

To many more experiences and learnings. ♡



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