When the Universe seemed to be Against You


My week didn’t started as I have planned it to be.

Although some may have seen my Monday motivation post on Instagram on a sunny Monday morning, it doesn’t mean that I had a great start.

I woke up late last Monday, even if I had set some alarm to wake up early that day. I had no one to blame rather than myself, so I got up and ate breakfast that my mom made. My dad was kind enough to drive me to the bus terminal so that I won’t have difficulty commuting that day, given that I was lugging around a large bag full of packed clothes for the week. There were many buses going to Cubao and the bus didn’t took too long to fill up with passengers.

While we were at the Star Tollway, the bus started to slow down and eventually stopped just a few more kilometers away from the Santo Tomas exit. The driver told us that they had a problem starting the engine because the diesel won’t go up which made me panicked a little bit since I have never experienced this kind of situation before when commuting to work alone. There were already irate passengers but I kept calm about it since I didn’t want to ruin my day.

We waited for about 30 minutes before being transferred to a bus that will drop us off to the controller, a stopover place, so that we can be transferred to a bus with a correct drop off point. During that time at the stopover, I realized that I still have a long day ahead but if felt like it had already been a really long day. I didn’t want to file for a leave at work since there were too many tasks that will be left untouched and I hate the feeling of having too many to-do’s on my plate. I was still trying to stir away from my anger on what has happened to me that day since I was thinking that is just a test of patience. But I can’t push away the thought of why was this day and the universe against me and I really felt attacked by what was happening around me.

Maybe the universe was trying to tell me not to sulk too much and there could be more worse situations that I’d be in other than not getting that promotion.

Which the thought had a point, and the idea struck me with how the universe does not revolve around me and I don’t need to bask into the pity party I had laid out for myself.

It has been almost a week after being told that I did not get the promotion I was aiming for at work, but after thinking of what I had experienced just this Monday, I could not think of any excuse to give myself the right to mourn on my loss. Instead of being emotional for how things turned out, I try to remember all the advice that my parents, best friend and significant other had told me.

Life isn’t glitz and glam always and there will be disappointments, but don’t let it get to you. Let it be your ground to becoming a better version of yourself.

As what the elders say, you may be way up high in life today but don’t ever think that you’ll never be low in the future.

I also had kept to heart a very inspiring take away from my new friend, Geli, while attending the YOUniverse Launch Night last Saturday at Local Edition Coffee & Tea in Makati.

Let life surprise you.

And always be armed with whatever it throws at you.




Ps. Have you ever experienced a similar situation? What did you do to overcome it? Share it in the comments. 😉

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