Words from my Father

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My father and I always like to exchange some few thoughts, arguments, and advice now and then, may it be about life, responsibilities or men, which makes me love going home to the province every weekend. It is when we go for a walk or go for a run during the mornings or the afternoons and maybe when we are just relaxing at home that he shares with me his thoughts and just about anything that strucks his mind.

From the advice and fears he had shared with me for numerous of times these words of his were what I have always kept close to my heart.

Never be afraid to try new things even if it scares you

He always say that we’ll never get anywhere if we don’t try. Try even if you fail at the end, it is still a lesson learned and a new experience if you tried, right?

A person’s character can be discovered on how well he maintains his home

It may be a bit annoying if your parents pester you on about keeping your room or place clean but it pays to instill it as a habit. A person may look squeaky clean and will presented in person but if he doesn’t maintain his home it’s all for naught.

Any parent would always want what’s best for the family

Even if your parents annoy you all the time, they will always keep reminding you that they do it because they want what’s best for you, which is true and will always be true(even if you think they are wrong,) since they have also been in that kind of situation. Your parents has experienced way more than you have lived on at this planet, but you still could have a say if you think something has to change.

You should not solely focus on your job but also on your health and well-being

I may as well be guilty to be called a work-a-holic since entering the urban jungle called Manila, when my parents actually said this to me one night after my mother told on me that I was crying or having a breakdown because of last year’s hiatus(funny thing is she thought I was pregnant when she caught me crying and my boyfriend consoling me, I still laugh at that thought.) They said that I shouldn’t push myself too far and ignore my health. A well paying job may be great but if you have poor health, you might as well be paying off for your future hospital bill. You can never be wrong on taking care of your health and well-being first before anything else.

When life throws you unexpected things, take it as it is.

Life may throw you horrid stuff sometimes but it’s life. You’ll always get your ups and downs along the way, but you’ve got to keep pushing forward. You are in charge of what your life is going to be not the situatiom you are in right now.

I hope what I’ve learned from my father has also touched you.

Until the next post loves.



PS. Care to share any advice or learnings from your parents? Share it on the comments section!

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