BDJ Launch Weekend 2017


My sister and I attended the Belle de Jour Launch Weekend last October 21 and 22 at Shangri-la Mall and it was a really great experience. There were a lot of fun activities, great booths and free loots! After 3 consecutive years of purchasing my Belle De Jour Power Planner, this will be my first time on attending this event since I have missed attending the Launch event held at MoA last year.

When we arrived at the Shangri-la mall, we almost got lost since there was also an Art Expo activity going on at the Atrium and we were not that familiar with the East wing side of the mall. Lol. Good thing we asked the security guards and they kindly pointed out where we should go. We headed quickly to the registration booth since there were freebies awaiting for the first 100 registrants and we were just too excited for the event since this was our first time.

Registration time!

Map to the activity area

We thought we wouldn’t make it through the early bird registration, but we did! Yay! We got a free Wacoal towel (didn’t got the chance to photograph the towel though), the freebies stub and some goodies.

Since we were newbies on this kind of event we purchased the BDJ Launch pass and added the Dreamcatcher Weaving Workshop and also the free DIY Dreamboard workshop. We were really excited for what’s to come for day 1. 🙂

Sister having a swell time at the event!

Excited for the event since this is a first!

During registration there was a bit of a delay on getting my planner since the organizers can’t find it but they assured me that I could get it after 15 minutes. So my sister and I decided we should get some brunch first before checking the booths and the free foods that came with the stub after registration. Yaaaasss, food is life. 😀

Potato Corner Booth at the event. Fries for life

Cotton candy booth by Wacoal. My sister exchanged her cotton candy stub in exchange for my Potato Corner fries. XD

Cotton candy and fries from the food booth

After grabbing some brunch from Jollibee, we headed back at the Launch event and roamed around the activity area and saw the Pin Your Dreams for 2018 on a giant Dreamcatcher. We decided to pin ours, which are “Travel around Europe”(my sister’s dream) and “Start revamping my Blog”(mine).

High hopes for 2018!

After that, we decided to go to the dreamcatcher weaving  workshop which was led by Crafterina. She gave us the instruction sheet and the materials for making our own dreamcatcher. Also she oriented us about the background of the dreamcatcher and some fun facts about it.

A dreamcatcher us believed to be a thing that protects people from dreams. The dream enters tge web, where the bad drram gets entangled on the knots and let the good dream flows through the center to reach the sleeper. When the sun rises and the dreamcatcher is touched by the sunlight, the bad dreams vanishes.

I was really excited to create my own dreamcatcher!

After we have finished weaving our dreamcatcher we were handed out another Dreamcatcher Kit! And also some goodies from Sunlife Financial and other sponsors. There were loads of freebies in the loot bag that was given to us.

Really proud of my work 🙂

Once the workshop was finished we proceeded at the free photo booth and also the DIY feather bookmark booth

Magnetic Photo from the free photo booth.

My sister and I also won the raffle where we both won facial creams from Celeteque!

First time in winning a raffle!!

There were forms given away by the organizers when you purchase Php500 worth of products from BDJ and other vendors at the Crafter’s market. I bought (hoarded is actually the appropriate word for it. Lol!) some stickers, washi tapes and stamps!

Stickers give so much color and fun on planners!❤

The seller was kind enough to throw in some free washi tape dispenser!

There was also the Bella Besties booth where my sister and I got a chance to answer some worksheets, which were excerpts from the Between You and Me slambook by Viviamo!. We were a bit surprised that we know each other very well eventhough we don’t always get along(I guess our bond is really strong since we are sisters.)

Between You and Me worksheet featuring our matching feather bookmark.

The DIY Dreamboard session was my favorite part of the event since I always enjoy designing mine whenever I purchase my planner (it’s been three years.) I got motivated more for the coming year after designing my own dreamboard in my planner. My theme for 2018 is about being BRAVER. Saying YES to more eye opening experiences and eliminating excuses to little things that blocks ways on achieving my goals for the year.

Are you ready for it? I cannot wait for 2018! 🙂

Seeing my dreamboard makes me excited.

This is my first time attending one of BDJ’s events and it won’t be the last. I am really looking forward on the next event for 2018. I will invite my sister again to come with me so we can bond more and share more memories. I really had a great time!

Until the next post lovelies!



PS. Separate post of the BDJ Power Planner contents posting soon!

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