Lingering 3am Thoughts


Life is a little rough along the way when you have set some standards early on. Nothing gets you excited than a little kid when you always see yourself doing all the amazing things one day and say, “I did it.”

But there will always be a catch, life isn’t always glitters and butterflies. It sometimes lets you stand at the edge of a cliff and gives you that crawling feeling of jumping to an eternal abyss… But what if you jumped? Would have it been for naught? Maybe life led you to another path which you were just afraid to take?

I’ve been in too many crossroads and I know you have been too. Adulthood pushes you into that situation when you did not even needed pushing. “Am I cut out for this job?” “Am I doing enough?or “Am I making my parents proud?” are often the questions that pops into my head when I just sit in a corner and just let my mind float away from all the noises around me.

There will always be this gnawing feeling inside me that wants to get away from life’s chaos and just wanted it to be all okay like when I was just a kid. This is what I was feeling since last year after I learned that I didn’t get the promotion I was aiming for.

I don’t have a specific explanation why I am having these thoughts just now but maybe this past few months was a bit heavy and too overwhelming just like any other times at work and in life.

Our team, have managed to resolve issues in the project on time by September. I’ve also enrolled in a 3 month online branding class which also ended last September, and I have managed to finish it even if I fell off track and October has been somewhat good to me.

I hope you had a great October loves.



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