2017 Highlight: LANY in Alabang Town Center!

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​This is originally my first time to attend a concert, a free concert actually, since the tickets got sold out faster than our internet service. Yup, pun intended there folks.

So I have been following and listening to this band for months now(late bloomer here guys, sorry) and they play really great songs. I’m in love with their “Pink Skies” since it was so romantically composed. Also their “WHERE THE HELL ARE MY FRIENDS” one which is great for that kind of bummer weekend where you just don’t feel like it. Lastly, their “ILYSB” which is really the hype song right now, because it is very relatable and really reaches out to the listener. 

This band is a blessing to the ears really, they have this feel good vibes when you listen to them, which my dad agrees to by the way *winks*.

This weekend, we got to experience watching them live at Alabang Town Center. There was already a crowd forming in the area where the band will be playing when we arrived and the concert does not start until 6pm. Talk about the excitement the crowd is giving.

Around 5pm, we settled ourselves almost near the stage at the right side, which by the way was a great corner to get pics and videos while LANY was playing; not to close yet not to far.

The crowd had gone wild when the band descended through the escalator, there were girls screaming and others were in shock that they were that close to LANY. I would have melted in case they got near me actually. haha!

Fifteen minutes after they got settled in the backstage, and the crew setting up their gears, they finally came out and greeted the crowd warmly, and we reciprocated back.

They played their set of songs that were popularly listened to in the Philippines and I had wished that this night does not end.

It was… 

To be honest, I can’t think of a single word to describe what I had felt that night.

The crowd seamlessly singing along with the band, LANY perfectly giving us those eargasmic music we’ve been dying to hear throughout that night and the time I felt so light and alive singing my worries away with the crowd. 

It was really magical and no enough videos or pictures can very much attest to what that night did to me. I thought to myself that this night changes everything, I am no longer that potato who works 9 to 6 and goes home and just reads a book and watches some tv series and not ever having a life well lived (too cliché perhaps? Sorry) But in my humble words, that night mad me realize I’ve been missing out WAY TOO MUCH or it’s just the post-concert syndrome talking.

Overall, my siblings, cousins and I definitely had fun that night and that experience will always have a special place in my heart.

Know any band, artist that is a great addition to a playlist? Comment it down below and I just might add it on my Spotify playlist.

Spreading the ♡,


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