2016 Highlight: Pinto Art Museum Visit


A first for 2016.

The long-weekend was coming up but I was not sure enough on how I’m going to spend it because I’m not used to having fun since I have started work in Manila. Honestly, I turned into some workaholic robot in 2016 and did not know how to let loose for quite a while. Which explains the being MIA for almost throughout the year.

Gladly, my sister offered me that we go see an art museum; I loved the idea and immediately said yes. I never felt so happy on having to agree on visiting because the place was so beautiful. Don’t get me started on their food too, because it was deliciously amazing.

wp-image-1840309735jpg.jpgHappy faces because of the delicious food laid out in front of us.

We had brunch at the intricate cafe in the museum. And may I just share with you the sumptuous food we have eaten there.


After having brunch we roamed and saw beautiful and well made art made in different

mediums by talented local artists.



A map to the museum is provided once you paid the entrance fee. There are 5 different galleries and each galleries proved to store great thought-provoking pieces.


There were also corners where you can sit on to relax for a little bit, appreciate some art around you and watch people come and roam around.


The great thing about this place is it is secluded. It is not in a major part of a city where you can hear honks of cars and public vehicles. It sits in with mother nature.



I wouldn’t have second thoughts on going back to this place if anyone would invite me.

It really is a good idea to get some time-off from your busy life and explore and experience more of the place you are staying at.

Know any place around or outside Metro Manila that is worth a visit? Let me know by commenting it down below!




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